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Metadata Is Crucial To Your ROI

The best stock images and footage clips are characterized by a serious commitment in terms of creative, financial and time investment. Yet all too often, this investment is short-changed by inadequate metadata that only serves to limit potential sales. It's a simple equation actually...if your creative content can't be found, it will definitely not sell.

Keywords, captions and other searchable content sit on the critical path to achieving a successful stock supply distribution model and must be taken seriously if you are to succeed. Many individuals and companies attempt a DIY approach to creating metadata but soon realize the process is laborious, time-consuming, costly and downright frustrating!

Metadata requirements differ from one distributor to another in increasingly substantial ways, so it is no longer possible to create a single generic keyword set that satisfies each and every distributor's requirements. Today, the top companies serving micro-stock, mid-stock and traditional RF & RM markets insist on adherence to a strict set of keyword guidelines that, if not followed, will often result in major delays or even failure in getting your images and footage into the stock distribution channel.

Worldmetadata offers an incredibly affordable solution to address all these issues through our comprehensive multiple keyword set package that includes fully customized metadata created for Getty Images, Corbis, Alamy, iStockPhoto and most other top producing online stock distribution portals on the web.

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